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Do You Have An Only Child With Social And Dependency Issues? Consider These Enrichment Activities

1 August 2016
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Do you have an only child that doesn't like to play well with other kids but doesn't like to do anything on their own? Do they have a difficult time in social situations and are so reliant on you that you worry they are going to be socially awkward? If so, it's time that you help your child reach out and interact with others and gain some independence. Here are a couple of things you'll want to consider doing. Read More …

Three Of The Most Common Misconceptions Parents Have About Sending Their Kids To Daycare

16 May 2016
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Just about every aspect of parenting has people falling on both sides of the debate, with both sides convinced their way is the best. And it's not different when it comes to daycare. Some parents see daycare as the best way to make sure their child is cared for during the day, while some parents see daycare as an open door to expose their child to all the evils of lesser parents. Read More …

Helping Someone With Dysgraphia Improve Their Corresponding Skills

2 May 2016
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Dysgraphia is a learning disability that affects handwriting and fine motor skills needed to write down thoughts. When someone suffers from dysgraphia, they will most likely want to work on options to help relieve the condition so others can understand the messages they are trying to convey. Here are the signs of this disorder in an attempt to determine if this is the cause for someone's inability to write legibly, as well as some methods one can use to help someone with this condition so they are better understood when they use writing as a method to correspond with others. Read More …

How To Prepare A Child For Kindergarten If They Didn’t Attend Preschool

14 April 2016
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More and more children are attending preschool, which means they already know what to expect and how to quickly integrate into a kindergarten classroom. This can make you nervous that your child may appear behind if they have never attended a preschool program. Fortunately, there are ways that you can help get your child ready in the months leading up to their first day of school. The following tips can help. Read More …

What Is The Purpose Of A Montessori Work Mat?

18 February 2016
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If your child attends a Montessori preschool, you've probably noticed that the students at your child's school use Montessori work mats in the course of their daily activities. If you're thinking about following the Montessori method at your home, knowing the purpose of the work mat can help you decide whether or not you should provide your child with a work mat at the house. What is the purpose of a Montessori work mat? Read More …