Do You Have An Only Child With Social And Dependency Issues? Consider These Enrichment Activities

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Do You Have An Only Child With Social And Dependency Issues? Consider These Enrichment Activities

1 August 2016
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Do you have an only child that doesn't like to play well with other kids but doesn't like to do anything on their own? Do they have a difficult time in social situations and are so reliant on you that you worry they are going to be socially awkward? If so, it's time that you help your child reach out and interact with others and gain some independence. Here are a couple of things you'll want to consider doing.

Summer Camp

Summer camp is a great way to get your only child to interact with other children and to learn how to be more independent. Summer camp provides the following benefits:

  • Overnight stays without parents and with other kids
  • Learning to make food and activity choices on their own
  • Bonding with bunkmates and other campers
  • Dealing with problems and issues on their own

When they are dropped off at summer camp for a few days and nights, it shows your child that they can do things on their own and that they can be independent if they have to be. This will give them confidence and help them start working to be more self reliant.

Team Sports

If your child struggles to work well with other kids and are not successful in group settings, participating in team sport will help them develop team building skills like cooperation. They will learn to listen to the coach, understand their role on the team, and they'll learn that sometimes they have to rely on others and work with peers to get things done. Being a part of and working with a team can increase their ability to listen to and work with others.

Day Care

Just a few hours a week at a day care facility, at a play date, or at an extracurricular event or activity can help your child get some time away from you and have fun. Look into art or science programs in your area, or drop-in day cares that allow you to come as little or as much as you want.

You don't want your child to become difficult to get along with and spoiled because they are always used to getting what they want when they are with you, and because they aren't used to sharing or having to be considerate of others. Help your child gain independence from you with any of these great enriching options.