It Isn't Impossible to Work Full-time and Earn a Degree

Are you considering working full time and going to school? Find out how you can pursue an educational balance.

3 Tips For Choosing Your First Electric Guitar

4 February 2016
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So you've finally decided to rock out and purchase your first electric guitar. Nothing is quite as exciting as having those nickel wound strings slide under your fingers as you bend and wail. Trying to pick out an electric guitar can be a daunting task, however. There are numerous things of which you should be aware before choosing an electric guitar that's right for you.  Low Action When choosing your first guitar, it's probably for the best if you choose an instrument with " Read More …

Advantages Of Dashboard Reporting In Education

24 December 2014
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In order to improve in terms of the quality of education offered, schools need updated and relevant data. However, data is useless if one cannot analyze and report it efficiency. Unfortunately, without the help of education reporting, this can be difficult to do across a system of primary schools. Here are a few of the many advantages of dashboard reporting in the field of education. Student Performance One of the main advantages of dashboard reporting is that it allows teachers to easily and effectively monitor and analyze the test performance of their students. Read More …