Montessori for Your Infant

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Montessori for Your Infant

3 January 2017
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Most parents know that ensuring their children receive a quality education is vital when it comes to the future success of the child. While selecting the right schools is important, parents must realize that the educational process begins the moment a child is brought into the home.

If you are planning to send your child to a Montessori school once he or she reaches school age, you should begin incorporating Montessori principles into your child's life as an infant. Here are three simple ways to incorporate Montessori principles into your infant's life.

1. Don't swaddle your baby.

Swaddling has become a staple when it comes to caring for an infant, but the process of wrapping your child tight in a blanket is in direct conflict with Montessori principles. One of the key elements of any Montessori education is freedom of movement.

Children are able to grow and develop as they become familiar with their body and the surrounding environment through movement. Swaddling your baby eliminates freedom of movement, so you should avoid swaddling as much as possible.

2. Don't place mittens on your baby.

Many new parents place mittens over their infant's hands in an attempt to prevent him or her from scratching the delicate skin of the face. Unfortunately, eliminating the child's connection with his or her hands through mittens can create some unique problems.

The Montessori philosophy promotes a child's ability to self-soothe. Since babies often rely on their hands to comfort themselves while they are in the womb, it's only natural that you allow this self-soothing technique to continue. You may notice your infant rubbing his or her face or sucking on some fingers when he or she is in need of extra comfort.

3. Skip the high-tech toys.

There are many different toys and devices designed to occupy an infant, but many of these items can be in direct conflict with the Montessori philosophy. If you tour any Montessori classroom, you will find that these rooms provide a peaceful and quiet environment in which children can explore and learn.

Eliminating the high-tech toys and devices from your home can help you mimic this Montessori-type environment in your own home. Provide your infant with some high-contrast images and soothing mats that feature various textures, and he or she can begin to become familiar with the type of environment found in Montessori classrooms.

Integrating Montessori philosophy into the way you raise your child will help prepare him or her for a formal education. Begin to incorporate Montessori principles into your child's life the moment you bring your infant home by avoiding swaddling, mittens, and high-tech toys.