Tips To Help You Improve The Skills That You Have Been Taught In Pottery Class

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Tips To Help You Improve The Skills That You Have Been Taught In Pottery Class

22 December 2016
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If you are taking a pottery class at a local school and would like to improve the skills that you have been taught, the following tips can be helpful. As you practice molding clay into works of art, your confidence may soar and you can create a variety of pieces to display in your home or give to family members and friends as a gift.

Hold Demonstrations At Your Residence

Show off some of the skills that you have been mastering by holding demonstrations at your home to share with your immediate family members or closest friends. Set up a work area in an empty room and place tools that are needed to sculpt clay in an area that is easy to access. If you own a pottery wheel, test it out prior to each demonstration to make sure that it is operating properly. Inform the guests who attend each session about skills that you have been practicing and ask them if they would like you to demonstrate any of them.

Take your time creating a simple sculpted item during each meeting and explain each step that you have completed in order to attain a finished project. As you grow more confident with the demonstrations, pottery items that you create may begin to show signs of improvement.

Sign Up For Pottery Workshops

Do some research in order to locate some pottery workshops that are being offered in your town. Sign up for one or more that interest you. Some workshops may involve watching an experienced sculptor, while others may offer the chance for you to participate. During each session, take notes and pay close attention to what the instructor is saying. The information, in conjunction with what your teacher at a local school offers, may help you step up your game so that you are able to create sculpted items that are original and appealing.

Purchase Quality Tools To Use

Browse pottery tools online or inside of retail shops that are located near where you live. Purchase a set of tools that you commonly use during class time so that you will be comfortable using each of them. Practice using the tools whenever you have free time. Whenever you are in class, your finished projects may show signs of improvement. With regular practice, you may be able to gain confidence with each project that you are presented with and reach the personal goals that you have set for yourself.